This is a kind of pop lullaby. Once when my partner’s grandson wouldn’t stop crying she suggested I play the accordion to see if we could get him to sleep. I was skeptical of a successful outcome but amazingly, it worked.

Alex Ramsay                           photography © Alex Ramsay

Tango de Corazones

Our band Little Rumba play a wide variety of gigs over the course of a year but one of our favourites is a tango club in Oxfordshire. We assume very much a supporting role at these evenings and the stars of the show are definitely the dancers. We play transfixed as they glide past the stage lost in their own movement and the music.

Forbidden Tango

                                                                          Forbidden Tango by Laurent Bodard


I’m occasionally tempted to try my hand at water colouring. Due to my utter incompetence at visual art this tends to be a rather disappointing experience.

What I really do like about water colours is the initial applying of paint to a very wet wash and letting it do its own thing. It can create a translucence and fluidity which lasts briefly before it dries into the paper and becomes flat.

I’ve tried to capture that fleeting moment in music.


White Horses

Spent a very pleasant week earlier this month on the Llyn Peninsula staring out to sea watching the white horses.

Moo Stack, Shetland, UK                                     photography © Alex Ramsay

Waltz Dizné

Alex Ramsay

photography © Alex Ramsay


This post features a homemade one-octave glass organ made from wine glasses of varying size and shape. The sounds they produced inspired the rest of the piece.


                                          photography © Alex Ramsay


This piece was inspired by seeing one of my favourite bands Spiro who were in town last month.


                             photography © Alex Ramsay

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