White Horses

Spent a very pleasant week earlier this month on the Llyn Peninsula staring out to sea watching the white horses.

Moo Stack, Shetland, UK                                     photography © Alex Ramsay


Waltz Dizné

Alex Ramsay

photography © Alex Ramsay


This post features a homemade one-octave glass organ made from wine glasses of varying size and shape. The sounds they produced inspired the rest of the piece.


                                          photography © Alex Ramsay


This piece was inspired by seeing one of my favourite bands Spiro who were in town last month.


                             photography © Alex Ramsay


A few years back our band created a project based on trains and used the rhythms they generate as backing tracks for pieces of music. I really enjoyed it so have decided to revisit the idea for this month’s post.


photo: redsnapper


It seemed to be getting warmer but as I was writing this piece it started snowing again.

Alex Ramsay

photography © Alex Ramsay

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