Hangman’s Lane

I went to a concert given by violinist Fenella Humphreys at the Presteigne festival last year. It was part of a series of concert entitled Bach to the Future – ha ha – sounds like one of my titles! Basically Fenella (who is an amazing violinist) was performing Bach’s solo violin partitas and sonatas alongside works by contemporary composers inspired by them.

I started Hangman’s Lane after the concert and the idea for it comes from the arpeggiated section of the Chaconne. I’ve never been able to play this section due to my shortcomings in string crossing so I started the piece as a kind of study for myself. Only just got round to finishing it.


                                         photography © Alex Ramsay


One thought on “Hangman’s Lane

  1. Very enjoyable John! I went to Fenella’s concerts too – you’re right they were amazing performances, and it was a great idea…thanks, Rick

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